Interactive Video Content (11.09.2010)

As I wrote in my proposal I want to deal with a web 2.0 platform in which some questionnaires and interactive videos will take place so in my research period I face with a similar kind of one. We talked about this site in class 2 weeks ago, I visited it and watched some of the videos and thought it can be a good originated point, so people who want to include such videos can benefit from it. Here is the main definition and aim of the site:

“DemoKino is a virtual parliament that through topical film parables provides the voters (participants) with the opportunity to decide on issues that are, paradoxically, becoming the essence of modern politics: the questions of life.

The project questions not only the utopia of contemporary virtual forum that is supposed to open ways for a more direct and influential participation but also points out a much deeper problem of modern democracy (virtual as well).

With its reduced narrativeness – the story is built on the “pro and contra” inner dialogues of the protagonist who is led around his home in a parliamentary kind of way by the “voters”, based on their decisions – Demokino shows how these ethical dilemmas of modern life suddenly become the core of our political participation. ”